The Innovative Turnout Tool
For Dance Professionals, Students, Teachers and Clinicians

Created by Dance Medicine Experts, Functional Footprints® and accompanying Exercise Series help dancers achieve optimum technique

Co-inventor Katy Keller has decades of experience treating dancers and musicians.

In this interview on New York City radio station WNYC entitled Let's Get Physical she describes her work as Clinical Director of Physical Therapy at Juilliard, one of the world's foremost dance, drama, and music schools.

In this video, she teaches her Juilliard students -- and the rest of us -- to do therapeutic stretching.

Watch! Please be patient while the video downloads.
In this video, see her describe physical therapy services at Juilliard.

Watch! Please be patient while the video downloads.

Fully-illustrated Functional Footprints® Exercise Series details important technique tips on Alignment, Strength, Symmetry and Balance in an easy-to-follow, sequenced progression.

    Unique design features
  • Swivel design to place axis of rotation at the hip
  • Degree indicator to check symmetry of turnout
  • Tip mechanism to challenge placement
  • Guides to position feet
  • Lightweight, quality crafted in wood, fully assembled
  • Portable for use in the dance studio or home

Turnout, the outward rotation of the legs, is basic to ballet and many other dance forms. Functional Footprints® Exercise Series trains dancers to use their turnout properly, preventing injury. With Functional Footprints® unique swivel base design, the dancer's ankle and knee joints are stress free. The only muscles that can be used are the right ones; the outward rotators of the hip.

Widely Endorsed by Dance Professionals

"Whether coming back from an injury or maintaining peak condition, Functional Footprints are great for strengthening turnout... Every dance school should have them."
-- Darci Kistler, Principal Dancer, New York City Ballet
"Fabulous tool for instructors, clinicians and physical therapists working with dancers."
-- Marie Jose Lawrence, Director, Long Beach Dance Conditioning Studio
"This excellent tool teaches the foot, ankle, and hip to work together correctly and also shows up incorrect substitutions. The proprioceptive feedback aspect of Functional Footprints is quite a learning experience!"
-- Marika Molnar, Director, Westside Dance Physical Therapy, New York City
"I can really feel my turnout muscles working."
-- Ilana Goldman, Dance Student, The Juilliard School
"Should be in every dance school and every dance medicine clinic."
-- Dr. Louis Galli, DPM
"Take your turnout to a new level with guidance from Katy Keller, physical therapist at New York City Ballet and the Juilliard School."
-- Turnout Tools, in the September 2002 issue of Dance Spirit magazine

To order Functional Footprints® call 1 800 PILATES
or online at Balanced Body.

For workshop information call Jean-Claude West and Anna Schmitz (415) 389-6600

Created by Keller/West LLC.
Jean-Claude West, Motor Learning Specialist, and Katy Keller, Physical Therapist, work with the world's leading performers.
Manufactured and distributed by Ken Endelman of Balanced Body.